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Topic  :  &#65533;s not a flower, it&#65533;&#65533;
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Start by : Narongrit Dot Net Member  ylq123

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 A beautiful rainbow hangs high in the sky Marlboro Red, sunflowers, black roses, and white lilies appear on the stage at the same time. At this moment, I am willing to listen to your blooming sound again - the inscription (the beginning of chic Cigarettes For Sale, the language is also beautiful) open in the farmland It��s not a flower, it��s just the ration that the farmers depend on; the flowers in the greenhouse are not flowers, it��s just the playthings for people to watch... The real flowers stand alone on the hills, facing the wind, toward the light, Never why, but bow down, full bloom, in the name of life - bloom the most beautiful flower in the world... (use the "comparison" approach, write the "image" in your heart, worthy of readers thinking I don't know How long have you been preparing for the bloom at this moment, and I don��t know how long you have been training the night before... I only remember that you stood on the stage of the gymnasium and dressed so thinly, it was winter! But, you How impressive the performance is. (It is recommended to talk about the performance itself. What performance? Why do people perform?) Four golden sunflowers, four black roses with dew, and A pure white lily appears on the stage at the same time, just waiting for the moment to bloom... However, when the music is like a rainbow, your bloom is the perfect interpretation of youth Parliament Cigarettes. It is right. The enthusiasm and praise of youth is the hope and embarrassment for the future... You bloom in an instant, to interpret the poem - "Long live the sound of youth, poetry, painting - such a unique and chic performance - music Like the beautiful Rainbow Bridge, the poem is the black rose with dew, and the picture is the golden sunflower - how beautiful, how pleasant, how enviable this natural, simple and beautiful life, how to listen The sound of the flower blooms is... (The first two paragraphs are very deep and characteristic descriptions in the article. I think the key paragraphs of the article are very solid. The explanation and depiction of the scene on the stage is Very in place. A single word "but", and can well lead the article's ideas to the other side of reality, is it realistic? When did we feel this scene? Now "closed moon Flowers, sinking fish and falling geese, we can no longer see how the flowers bloom,
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