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Topic  :  of the ordinary heart to keep th
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 Found it? Hearts have different colors, and in the face of different things, we can paint different colors for ourselves! Sky blue is normal. A faint blue, let the birds fly, with the white clouds floating, tolerate the thunder and roar, let the heavens cry. After the rain and thunder, it is still a peaceful blue. It is the power of the ordinary heart to keep the same and change, and always maintain peace and openness. Pink is sensitive. With a little publicity and vitality, there is a transcendence of transcendence, one flower and one world, one leaf and one bodhi, seeing magic in the subtleties, capturing the fullness and moving in the plain, creative life in the beauty of discovering beauty and feeling love. This is the power of sensitive wisdom. The normal heart and the sensitive heart are not contradictory. They are two coats of different colors of the mind that can be changed with the season (mood, situation). Normal heart is not numb cold and indifferent Newport Cigarettes Coupons, it is not calm and unpredictable when facing the ups and downs of life. Sensitiveness is not narrow-minded and paranoid. It is grateful to life, enjoy and create happiness in life, make life more meaningful, and make life better. We should learn to paint different colors for our hearts in different situations. A heart that is in harmony with the environment will add color to life mokingusacigarettes.com. The talented Su Shi once triumphed in the official spring. After being desecrated, ordinary people thought that his life was not a pan-grass Newport 100S, and he was quietly swallowed up by history, and he could not afford half a wave. However, he did so with the "bamboo stick mans shoes lightly win the horse, who is afraid? A smog of rain and rain" is a serious impact on reality. He sentiments to the landscape, borrowed words, enjoyed life, and excavated the endless treasures that the Creator gave to all angles and levels of life, and perceived the true meaning of life. With his heroic words, we can really infect his vast atmosphere, romantic feelings, and a positive, optimistic and open-minded mind! He is a beautiful landscape that never fades in the long history of Chinese history. We hope that we can master the philosophy of coloring the soul and paint a colorful and beautiful life!
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