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Topic  :  day, a strange netizen
จันทร์ ที่ 19 เดือน สิงหาคม พ.ศ.2562  เข้าชม : 132 
Start by : Narongrit Dot Net Member  ylq123

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 Today, a strange netizen gave me a message: I haven't seen your log update for a long time, we are looking forward to -. I smiled a little, only to remember that I haven't written it for a long time. In fact, it doesn't make much sense to write a journal. It is not for the sake of who to look at it. It is the mood, the experience, the hidden sweetness, the joys and sorrows behind some stories. Today Marlboro Gold, I asked a friend to recommend a few songs to listen to Marlboro Cigarettes, to ease some of the impetuous mood. She said that she had received a few songs in the space and accidentally heard Huang Xiaoming��s "Wind", perhaps because of the mood, perhaps because of the experience. I listened to it for dozens of times Cheap Cigarettes. It is still today, a good friend sent a few philosophical statements of life, one of which has a feeling: staying in the green hills, or no material burning. I feel meaningful, but I don't know how to understand it. I think it is my own signature. I will comment on myself and the netizens who are concerned. People are complicated, growing up, working, getting married, divorcing, and human affairs. Who can tell what is the relationship? I am accustomed to writing things with ellipsis, but I don��t know what is omitted, whether I am emotional or not, I don��t know. Forgot to forget, finally gave up, and the road still has to go. Life is like this. Those who are uncertain are also a fortune. In fact, a person is simply coming alone and walking alone. In fact, there are many beautiful things. I envy those who stand on the small stage and have applause from all corners. I envy those wealthy people who are full of envy and envy those things that are enviable. However, I am still me, still able to write my own mood, still a silent, cold face, still have to work hard to make my life status better, still can not change the unique and already accumulated things in the bones I walked a lot of places, saw a lot of scenery, or couldn't forget the soil in my hometown and couldn't forget the story. I have met many people and I know a lot of stories. I can��t see the heart of the sinister people.
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