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Topic  :  things in the world, because I st
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Start by : Narongrit Dot Net Member  ylq123

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 Like a huge ship, in the long river of time, the words carry the memories of people's memories; such as a picture, in the faint ink, the words describe the historical style; such as a cup of fragrant, in the light water, the words exude the soul Deep fragrance. Text, a sustenance of emotions and thoughts. A spiritual pillar. A gorgeous stage of life. It��s a feeling to be swaying and swaying. When you can't refuse and indulge in it, it's a kind of intoxication. An obsessed fanaticism and imaginary chase, that is the bit of the soul. Because you know how to have preciousness, you will not tears for loss. That is a love affair, a cry of youth. The sound of words, listening, and lingering words Marlboro Red, it seems to have become a part of my life. I used to use it to embellish my life, so I still have its shadow in my life; I use it to describe things in the world, because I still have traces of it in my hands; I use it to express I feel through my heart, so there is still room for it in my heart. When I began to fall in love with it deeply, my feelings had a place of sustenance, because only words written with my true feelings were the purest. The words that are made only to make others touched and deceive others' tears are dirty and insulting humanity. When you write an article, don't paint it indiscriminately. Because the reader is reading it with heart. So don't let the essence of the text change, but respect it. Some people use words to pass the truth because they can't tell the truth of some things. In the end, she deceived some people's pure love and sincere feelings Newport 100S. Sometimes, the things expressed in words are so touching, and people feel so warm. However, when we returned to the real world, we realized that everything was a kind of deception. It is different from the expression in the text. And we often pay for it because we believe in the innocence of the text. The text, in the hands of some people, is a treasure. He will use it to help the people to save the darkness of the soul, and let the dark people not feel the cold; let the soul withered see the hope of new life; let People with mental breakdown are released. In the hands of others, it becomes a tool to deceive others, used to defraud people of their tears and sympathy. So sometimes, when the quality changes, it becomes poisonous. In memory, it is your best partner. It has accompanied me through the most tormented days. Whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, it will come to accompany me in the first time. I enjoy the happiness in my hands in the flow of ink and share my inner worries. It deeply imprinted my memory on a piece of white paper. It records the ups and downs that have passed together. In my own stage, with its companionship, I was so glorious and so proud. The young heart, at that time, was constantly pursuing for a dream Newport Cigarettes Coupons, obsessed with it and crazy, let me go through an unforgettable time. The passage of time is always so cold and ruthless. When we are no longer young and mature, maybe we are shocked by too many realities to forget everything we have, but the text symbols that remain at the deepest part of our lives are still not Change your mind to experience, feel, use words to express, and the life in the text is so colorful.
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