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Topic  :  Just hold a book that
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Start by : Narongrit Dot Net Member  ylq123

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 The memory of the book goes back to the childhood kindergarten, and the old man will buy me a variety of small books. The most extravagant thing is that the color children's literacy album 30 years ago was already in the first place when others had not owned it. Small, I will often take it to the neighbor's small partner Wang Na (small name two), and enjoy it with her and more children Marlboro Gold. Every now and then, my heart will rise up with a sense of pride. I just entered school and thought I knew a few words. Just hold a book that you can't read and understand. If you don't know, you will ask your sisters. The result is that when I can't bear to ask, my sister simply hides. It made me very helpless. After I let my foreign code still not recognize it, I will know more words with the improvement of the knowledge reserve. On one day, the family highlights folk novels, folktales, and other two kinds of things. In short, it is some strange things of the folk. I think it will be brought by my father. When I get the book, the joy in my heart is hard to overflow. I am afraid that I will be seen by my sisters. I will hide the books separately. I will take a copy of the book and go to the unmanned place to concentrate on reading. Once, I forgot the time and asked my aunt to find me for a long time Cigarettes For Sale. Finally, behind a pile of wheat grass, I found out that I was reading the book, and I was so distressed and angrily "to clean up the results. These four books were all read by me for a week. Even though there are still words in them, I imagined them by imagination. Hey! Now think about how to use this kind of tenacity to learn, and not to learn so hard. In addition to the above, there are also early literary journals customized by the sisters Marlboro Lights. Such as: Shan Hai Jing, Liaoning Youth, etc., every week or monthly will be turned over like a pancake. My sisters will worry, when they come back to the journal, they will avoid me, but in the end they will be my When I was a little older, I would subscribe to it myself. I booked a lot of books according to my hobbies. I took part in the work and read the book more widely. I also reported the tour guide in the first two years. This book contains a wide range of knowledge, so I became a miscellaneous family. The knowledge in my brain is also widened, and the words are getting more and more clever, and things are getting more and more sleek. Now, my daughter is also Book "! Like my own year. The level of distinct types made me blind, so I followed her thoughts. And no matter how much, she likes to watch, I also like to watch. In order to satisfy her little mind." I also got a whole set of new books from a good colleague to astronomy and geography. It combines the generalization of the knowledge I have seen from childhood to large. Let colleagues feel distressed in the following days. When our two girls are in their free time, you have a book I have read locally
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